3D Aura Imaging & Energy Mapping Services

The human body creates, conducts and emits energy. This energy is distributed throughout the body through the Chakras. The frequency of this Bio-kinetic energy is converted into Electro-Magnetic Energy and this energy radiates outwardly in the colors of the Aura.

  Understanding the flow of this energy is crucial in regaining and maintaining vitality. How the Chakras transfer this energy is directly related to our physical, mental and emotional well- being.

It is within this flow of energy where healing can begin.

 Having the capability to identify blockages and stagnancies can provide a focus for holistic and alternative practitioners to direct their concentrated healing efforts.


 With our cutting edge Digital technology, we can view the Aura and the Chakras in real time video.

 Our technology allows us to measure and record multiple aspects of the body's energy field.

Our analysis offers detailed script reports, bar graphs, pie charts, Individual break down of the chakra cones, emotion meter, auric wave sensor and full body imaging.

Real time video imaging allows us to study ourselves as healers and our client’s reactions, energetically to different stimulus.

All data compiled is recorded and stored in our archives and can be easily viewed and referenced.

With this technology we can begin to use this data in integrated medicine, studying the effect of alternative therapy' and the transference of energy through the body.


This technology is so much more than just a pretty picture. It is a moment to moment view of how thoughts and emotions effect the energy of the body.  

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